Baretta Provision, Inc.  is a wholesale purveyor of meats, cheeses, produce and canned goods located in East Berlin, CT.  In addition to providing the best the world has to offer, we produce our own sausage, salami, corned beef and grind our own fresh beef daily to bring you high-quality products that reflect our heritage as third generation butchers and meat processors.

Who needs a small, independent meat purveyor/processor?  You do, if...

  • You are a discerning chef who wants the highest quality provisions, delivered daily on your schedule--not theirs.
  • You are a busy caterer who wants to get an owner on the phone when you have a question--not an automated routing system.
  • You are a local farmer who wants the livestock you have so carefully raised processed and packaged locally to your specifications.
  • You sell your own brand of fresh meat, such as sausage, but don't want the hassles of USDA inspection.   We can make it for you and even handle the delivery!
  • You are an adventurous home cook with a freezer or large pantry who likes to buy in bulk and wants restaurant quality, not warehouse quality!
  • You are a hunter who wants your game cut and packaged in convenient portions for your home freezer.